Ship in the Bottle: Fun With Model Ships

There is nothing as awe-inspiring as seeing a huge ship in person as it sails across the water. Something that strikes intrigue and curiosity in many children, sparking their imaginations, is the open sea. What is life like out there while sailing across the ocean?

Sailing across the ocean is the subject of many stories and movies, from military sailors, to pirates, there is history and mystery about life on the sea. Something that many people remember seeing as kids was the infamous “ship in the bottle,” and how they could purchase and build model ships that looked just like the ones they enjoyed from history and movies.

Some businesses even exist that create custom model ships for anyone who is looking for one. It doesn’t matter what model ship you’re looking for, the chances are high that you’ll find a custom replica model ship kissimmee that you really like.

A History of the Ship in the Bottle

The ship in the bottle is one of the most famous maritime gifts in history. It was huge in the late 18th and early 19th centuries, all over the Americas and parts of Europe. The way the ship in the bottle was constructed changed a little bit, too, over the years. While we know the concept and how to make them, the original creator that came up with the first ever ship in the bottle remains unknown to this day.

How is a Ship in the Bottle Made?

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There are two commonly used methods for constructing a ship in the bottle. The most well-known technique is where a model ship is constructed based on a historical ship, and then placed into the bottle.

There is another technique that was not used as much, but worked all the same. Bits of the structure of the ship could be placed inside the bottle, and then whittled into the form they would ultimately end up taking.

Setting Sail

If you have memories of seeing model ships and the infamous ship in the bottle as a kid, you’re not alone. Many people still enjoy this hobby today and some folks make a living by constructing model ships for the hobbyists who purchase them.